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„The sample exams were a great opportunity to test my current knowledge and to prepare for the actual exam.” - Ross M.

„My ISTQB Test Manager certification helped me a lot to find a new job.” - Julia Barbara E.

„The IREB exam opened me the doors for my job in Requirements Engineering.” - Nilesh Kumar P.

„ISTQB helped my company a lot to have a common language in our testing team.” - Maurice M.

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Life-Long Learning

Competing in current and future job markets makes lifelong learning inevitable. Today’s professionals are engaging in their further education and gain expertise through practical trainings to maintain their competitive edge. Improving and proving their knowledge is vital - and a valuable asset for their employers. The GASQ qualification program represents one of the most important building blocks for your future success.



Sustainable investment

As the latest developments in IT are shaping the way we work today the level of qualified professionals has gained more importance than ever. Highly skilled employees not only reduce the rate of risks but also drive your accountability and efficiency. Ensuring a high level of knowledge within your company, the GASQ qualification program is not only an investment in your staff but also in your business itself.




GASQ explains the importance of high software quality standards to enterprises, associations and governments. It demonstrates to all players what they can do to actively contribute to excellent software quality. The creation of increased awareness of the importance and relevance of software quality is one of the key objectives of GASQ.


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More about ISTQB


With the contribution of hundreds of experts from many countries, the internationally compatible ISTQB® Certified Tester Program provides participants with expertise on efficient software testing. Structured into three levels - Foundation Level, Advanced Level and Expert Level, the certification covers the Fundamentals as well as specific areas in Software Testing.



More about IREB


As the leading certification scheme in the field of Requirements Engineering, IREB® addresses Business Analysts, Requirements Engineers and Testers offering tools to identify and specify requirements and to conduct effective requirements analysis. The three-pier concept is covering the Fundamentals of Requirements Engineering as well as Advanced and Expert Level techniques.



How do our sample exams work?

Our sample exams

Our sample exams section offers the opportunity to test your current knowledge. The ISTQB® exams are provided in several languages and different levels. After a short registration you can make use of this free service, improve your progress and prepare yourself for our certifications.