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Burton Upon Trent
United Kingdom


Iain is an experienced software engineer with extensive knowledge of all aspects of the Software Design Life Cycle including requirements capture, design, implementation and testing. He has extensive knowledge of software languages, processes and development methodologies including Software Quality, Object Orientated Design, Agile, manual and automated testing, continuous integration and configuration control. Frazer-Nash is a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy that excels at solving some of today's most complex challenges in engineering. Our experience of working in diverse industries enables us to transfer unique skills across different markets to benefit our clients. Through a systems engineering approach we combine our extensive skill set with our ability to think outside the box. We add value to each stage of a project and continue doing so throughout the project's life. Our expertise comes from our work in sectors that include defence, nuclear, power and energy, aerospace and transport, security and resilience, and innovation and commerce.