Lifelong Learning

In the professional qualifications area, lifelong learning is the buzz word of our era. It stands for the concept that today, people learn all the time, throughout their lives. To do so, they stop at what we refer to as knowledge fueling stations to further advance their training. These days, learning does not stop after school, college or university, but is an on-going process that continues throughout a person’s career. The focus is on the individual who finds himself or herself confronted with new information, technologies and occupations as time progresses. In particular in the rapidly evolving IT industry, where new innovation and new career options surface all the time, the pressure to stay up-do-date is extremely high.

Those who stop furthering their education will eventually lag behind. Consequently, the concept of lifelong learning also plays a key role in our GASQ qualification program. The program portfolio we offer is not only directed at young talent just embarking on a career, but also at all seasoned professionals. Thanks to the modular structure of many of our GASQ programs, participants can also obtain effective support for their careers by acquiring essential certifications. Hence, it is possible for participants to advance their certification levels as they progress in their careers. As a result, our comprehensive qualification program implements the concept of lifelong learning effectively and efficiently.