Tritech new Accredited Training Provider

Tritech, one of Europe's leading suppliers of technical expertise, products and solutions for M2M wireless communication, is now an Accredited Training Provider for REQB CPRE Foundation Level via the Swedish Quality Engineering Board SQEB.

Tritech offers their customers end-to-end responsibility for all M2M communication solutions, where Tritech manages development, production and maintenance. This enables their customers to save both time and money.
Tritech's ability to listen and quickly understand the customer's needs gives long-standing, close collaborations, and the aim is always to deliver M2M communication solutions which the customer can turn into business. In that case Requirements Engineering is very important and REQB is the perfect solution to manage the Requirements properly.

"We are very happy to have with Tritech a competent and successful company in the field of Requirements Engineering accredited for the REQB scheme", said Beata Karpinska, SQEB president. 

"The Accreditation of Tritech is a further sign that REQB is becoming the global language in the field of Requirements Engineering," said Werner Henschelchen, GASQ Secretary General.