TickITplus: End of transition period

TickITplus has now been live since early 2012 and its popularity is certainly gaining momentum. As we approach the 1st December 2014, the allowed three year TickIT to TickITplus transition period is coming to an end.

Since the launch of TickITplus it has been possible for organisations that are certified against the TickIT scheme to step across to the TickITplus scheme through a convenient and cost effective transition assessment.

As the TickIT scheme will come to an official end on the 1st December 2014 the ability to ‘transition’ to TickITplus will cease to be available. All TickIT organisations that have not transitioned to TickITplus will see references to the TickIT scheme removed from their certificates. If they chose to go for TickITplus certification in the future they would need to complete a full TickITplus assessment.

However, don’t panic, in many cases this can easily be accomplished in a cost effective manner as part of a subsequent ISO 9001 based certificate renewal assessment, or as part of a special change to approval assessment at any time.

For over 20 years TickIT has given organisations both operational benefits and marketing advantages. The principles set out in the TickIT scheme have driven some very good software engineering practices, provided focus for real improvements and offered a clear marketing advantage.

TickITplus takes the TickIT principles further by adopting many commonly understood and recognised concepts such as:

• The integration of multiple standards, as promoted by the new ISO standards through Annex SL
• Driving a clear process based approach to management systems
• Highlighting improvements through process capability determination
• Encouraging a greater partnership approach to system assessments

If you haven’t transitioned to TickITplus yet and feel that the timescales would be challenging before the December deadline, using TickITplus in the longer term would still give your organisation some real benefits.

As we get closer to the launch of ISO 9001:2015, TickITplus can contribute significantly towards adopting the requirements of this new version. Amongst other new or strengthened aspects of ISO 9001:2015, TickITplus already leads greater management responsibility, increased attention to strategy and planning, factual based decision making and formal risk management at appropriate levels within the organisation.