TickITplus Certification Scheme Now Live!

UKAS, the United Kingdom Accreditation Service, has now accredited the first three certification bodies for the delivery of TickITplus certification services.

TickITplus is a natural development of the highly regarded TickIT scheme. TickITplus is a process-based scheme that adopts a tiered approach to certification. This means that there can be a quantifiable, externally certificated measure of an organisation’s IT services lifecycle process maturity and capability to ISO15504. The TickITplus scheme recognizes the changes that have taken place since the original launch of TickIT, takes into account the diversity of the IT sector and is relevant to software developers and suppliers of IT products and services.
The first three UKAS-accredited certification bodies for TickITplus Foundation level assessments are:

  • British Standards Institute
  • DNV
  • Lloyds Register Quality Assurance (LRQA)

Nexor is one of the first organisations to have achieved TickITplus certification.
TickITplus offers a number of benefits to different stakeholders. For customers, TickITplus can be used as a measure of a supplier’s process capability and maturity, especially in procurement selection, to reduce risk. For organisations implementing TickITplus, business risk is reduced as a result of increased capability, embedded best practice and creation of a culture of continuous improvement.
TickITplus includes ISO 9001 approval, with the capability dimension of TickITplus enabling access to markets requiring ISO15504 compliance, such as CMMI and SPICE.
TickITplus also gives entry level access to capability grading for small IT organisations and significant cost savings for those already pursuing both ISO 9001 and Capability Maturity Measurements.
Existing TickIT-registered organisations will need to make a transition to the new TickITplus Foundation level within the next three years.

GASQ is the official certification body for personal certifications and the registration body for TickITplus.