Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Career with DORA & ISO 27001

The financial industry is facing big challenges with online security. Hackers are always coming up with new methods to steal information and mess up financial systems. Cyberattacks can lead to money loss, harm the reputation of companies, and even cause legal problems. Companies need to have good online security to protect themselves from these dangers.

Advance your career in this rapidly evolving field by obtaining GASQ-IBITGQ certifications. These qualifications demonstrate your knowledge about DORA and ISO 27001.

Powerful Combination for Your Skills

Getting certified in both DORA and ISO 27001 gives you a big advantage:

  • DORA Foundation & ISO 27001 Foundation: Learn the basics of keeping financial systems strong (DORA) and how to create a system for information security (ISMS) based on ISO 27001.
  • DORA Practitioner & ISO 27001 Lead Implementer: Help your organization follow DORA rules by integrating them with your existing security plans and put a world-class ISMS system in place.
  • DORA Lead Auditor & ISO 27001 Lead Auditor: Conduct thorough checks to make sure your organization is following DORA rules and its ISMS system is working well.
  • DORA Risk Director: Use DORA's focus on risk management, responding to security incidents, and managing suppliers to make better strategic decisions, all while aligning with ISO 27001.
  • DORA Compliance Officer: Become an expert in access controls, security awareness programs, business continuity planning, and building relationships with vendors that follow GDPR (a data privacy regulation). This expertise will help you improve your organization's ISMS system.

Double Your Advantage

  • In-Demand Expertise: Become a standout with specialized knowledge in financial cybersecurity (DORA) and global information security (ISO 27001).
  • Leadership Opportunities: Position yourself for leadership roles in cybersecurity and compliance.
  • Globally Recognized Certification: Earn internationally recognized certifications that upgrade your professional profile.
  • Stay Current: Always be in the know with the latest regulations and best practices.
  • Expand your Network: Connect with other cybersecurity professionals and keep learning from each other.


GASQ: Your Certification Partner

GASQ is the official organization that provides DORA and ISO 27001 certifications from IBITGQ. We offer flexible options to help you achieve your goals:

  • Accredited Training: Comprehensive programs with Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs).
  • Examination Vouchers: Flexibility for independent study and exam scheduling.
  • GASQ Examination: Demonstrate your knowledge directly through GASQ-administered exams.


Invest in Your Future – Contact GASQ Today

Take control of your cybersecurity career in this dynamic field. GASQ-IBITGQ certifications are your key to success.


Invest in Your Future – Contact GASQ Today

Take control of your cybersecurity career in this dynamic field.GASQ-IBITGQ certifications are your key to success.

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By Werner Henschelchen