REQB and IREB have decided to join forces

Similar approaches

The certification schemes, which IREB® and REQB® have developed independently of each other, have similar names – CPRE (Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering) by IREB® and REQB® Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering. This caused confusion and has at times been misleading. Also, their respective foundation level syllabi coincide in their content to a significant extent. This has finally resulted in the decision to concentrate forces within a single organization.

Joining forces

Given the common goal and the similarities in the two approaches, IREB® and REQB® have decided to join forces as of January 18, 2017. As a consequence, there will be a single RE certification scheme in the future, presented under the IREB® brand.

Benefit for candidates seeking RE certification

For candidates striving for more professionalism in RE, one single education scheme to become a Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering is a big benefit, as the weight and reputation of the certificate will become even greater than it already is today.

Effect on REQB certificates

All REQB certificates keep their validity. 

Holders of the REQB Foundation Level certificate may convert it free of charge into an IREB CPRE® Foundation Level certificate.

Such conversion is required for persons who want to follow their education path to the IREB CPRE® Advanced Level modules.

For the IREB CPRE® Expert Level, the REQB Advanced Level certificate will be accepted as one of the required prerequisites.