RE Agile syllabus released

The Requirements Engineering Qualifications Board (REQB) has released its new Agile Practitioner Extension. This syllabus is a reaction of the international expert group to the increasing demand for certifications in the „agile“ area. With a focus on Requirements Engineering Processes, the new module sets new standards for all kinds of IT products (e.g. Software, hardware or business processes). A further point, which is being covered by the new syllabus, are Requirements Engineering Processes for software developing companies, which have been already using an agile approach on their software development.

The REQB Agile Practitioner module is suitable for everybody who is involved in the development and supervision of product and business solutions. The main aim is to create a consistent terminology and to deliver a general knowledge about the most important concepts, which are related with a Requirements Engineering process in an agile environment.

Salvatore Reale, chair of the REQB Agile syllabus stream: „We are very happy to release this new syllabus. It is a big step forward in the field of Requirements Engineering as it helps companies which are working agile to create better requirements for their products.”


About REQB (

The Requirements Engineering Qualifications Board (REQB) was established in 2006. Its members are international experts for Requirements Engineering (RE), who are working on a global RE program which is ISO17024 compliant. As a result, the board intends to create an international standard that will be recognized as the common language in the discipline of Requirements Engineering. As of June 2015, professionals from more than 46 countries have been certified according to this standard.