New Usability and User Experience Textbook

Technikum Wien presents the new textbook "Usability und User Experience: Prüfungsvorbereitung zum Certified Professional for Usability Engineering and User Experience Design".

Usability and user experience are today one of the most important success factors for software and also for technical products. Therefore, every person involved in the software development or development of other technical products needs basic knowledge in this area.

This textbook will prepare you for the Certified Professional for Usability Engineering and User Experience Design Foundation (CPUE-FL) exam of the User Experience Quality Certification Center (UXQCC) and will provide you with this basic knowledge. It not only covers the theory, but also contains many practical examples to better illustrate the meaning of these topics.

The book covers a multitutde of topics, such as:

  • The importance of usability and UX for economic success
  • Human perception and information processing in the brain
  • Visual perception, focal / peripheral vision, color perception
  • Gestalt laws, mental models
  • Overview of relevant standards
  • User characteristics, tasks characteristics and application context, and many others.
You can order the printed version of the book here.
The Kindle format will also be available soon.

Learn more about the exam here.