New IREB Agile module released

IREB has released its new module RE@Agile Primer. It’s aim is to bridge the gap between agile development and classical requirements engineering. The new module will show that RE and agile world are not contradicting. In contrary, the new module is intended to give the requirements engineer the tools to achieve a high performance even in agile teams. The new certification is aimed at both RE professionals and Agile Professionals. On the one hand, it offers the possibility to gain knowledge about RE techniques in an agile context. On the other hand, the new module also shows how agile methods and RE are related and how RE techniques can complement the agile world. 

An Advanced Level is also preparation. The publication of the RE@Agile Advanced Level Module is planned for the third quarter of 2017.

The substance of the RE@Agile Primer is designed for a 1-2 day training, whereby self-study is possible. The certification exam lasts 40 minutes and consists of approximately 22 questions.

The new RE@Agile Primer is now available at GASQ. There are NO admission requirements for the module. You can book your exam directly.