IREB CPRE Expert Level has just been launched

The new IREB CPRE Expert Level Certification has just been launched and sets a completely new benchmark in the worldwide leading RE-Certification scheme.

This module requires expertise and knowledge at the highest level.

Besides the professional experience in RE of at least 3 years is amongst other things a proof of the already acquired knowledge in the form of IREB CPRE Advanced Level certificates needed to fulfill the admission for the CPRE Expert Level.

As the content of this module is based on personally appropriated knowledge, there is no syllabus or training offered.

The exam is only available in English and consists of the following three parts:

  1. Written application
  2. Written assignment
  3. Oral examination (face-to-face meeting or video conference at a dedicated place)

The new IREB Expert Level – CPRE EL is from now on available.
Please find further information here.