International TickITplus Association founded - Werner Henschelchen new chairman

The International TickITplus Association has taken over from the Joint TickIT Industry Steering Committee, JTISC, and is now running the TickITplus scheme. The aim to move the scheme to the new association was to make it more international.

In its first ITA Meeting, which took place in the BCS offices in London, the structure of the new organization has been agreed. New Chairman is Werner Henschelchen. “We are very happy to see the uptake of the TickITplus scheme. The potential for this scheme is huge,” says Werner Henschelchen. 

TickITplus is the successor to the TickIT ‘sector scheme’ which was introduced in the early 1990’s to encourage greater focus on quality within the IT industry.  The scheme is part of the new International TickITplus Association, ITA.