GASQ offers remotely proctored ISTQB@Home Exams!

GASQ is an official exam provider for ISTQB remotely proctored exams.


International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB) is the most successful certification scheme for software testing worldwide. Due to Covid-19 crisis as well as the restrictions resulting from it, ISTQB has allowed remotely proctored exams starting from 27th of April 2020. ISTQB has announced that for now it is a pilot project and will be reviewed in October.

The Global Association for Software Quality (GASQ) is authorized by ISTQB to offer remotely proctored ISTQB@Home exams. With these exams, ISTQB and GASQ attempt to offer a comfortable and simple solution to their customers while maintaining the high standard of examinations and certifications.

The ISTQB@Home exams can be taken at any time from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, GASQ is offering the largest selection of the ISTQB@Home exams on the global market, which consists of 14 modules available in 7 languages: English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Polish and Dutch.

Needless to say that GASQ has taken the question of quality very seriously. Although the way of conducting the exams has changed, this should by no means compromise the quality of any examination or certification activities. GASQ has deployed a highly secured life proctoring system for conducting the remotely proctored exams with consideration of all the quality and data protection standards.

Further information is available on GASQ website.