GASQ is a new exam provider for the CPSA scheme of the International Software Architecture Qualification Board

The iSAQB® has recognized GASQ as a new exam provider for the Certified Professional for Software Architecture (CPSA). The collaboration covers CPSA Foundation Level and CPSA Advanced Level.
Werner Henschelchen, CEO of GASQ Service GmbH: "The CPSA scheme is a great addition to GASQ certification program. The role of the software architect is an increasingly important task, where profound training is urgently needed. The iSAQB® CPSA Program is a globally recognized and standardized educational and training scheme exactly in this area, and we are delighted to be able to offer the scheme internationally."
Mirko Hillert, CEO of iSAQB GmbH: "Everyone interested in CPSA certification should be able to arrange and complete a test quickly and easily - worldwide and in the desired form. Therefore, we have sought to cooperate with the renowned exam provider GASQ. The increasing international demand for CPSA certifications is also an important reason for us to expand the range of exams offered with another exam provider."
More than 14,500 software architecture experts worldwide have already successfully passed the CPSA exams. The iSAQB® training scheme requires strict separation between training providers and exam providers. The exam provider (certifier) thus has a significant role in the entire certification process. Only they are allowed to carry out examinations in order to obtain the highest quality, impartiality and transparency of the certifications.
As a rule, iSAQB® accredited training providers organize CPSA Foundation Level exams directly after the classroom training. The exams are paper-, computer- or tablet-based. GASQ can perform these tests on site worldwide.
Advanced Level exams can also be taken worldwide by the individuals who have already acquired the CPSA Foundation certificate. The examination process takes place via e-mail and telephone conferences.