GASQ and iSQI sign cooperation agreement for TMMi

GASQ is pleased to announce a cooperation with the International Software Quality Institute (iSQI GmbH). Since the first of October 2017, the two certification bodies will offer the certification scheme TMMi together. GASQ will take tests in France, Poland, Russia and Belarus as well as in Morocco and Tunisia. iSQI is still committed worldwide.

"Software testing is an essential part of quality management. We are convinced that TMMi is a very important step towards higher security and much better quality, more powerful test processes and more binding standards in IT. Our partnership with iSQI will make TMMi even more popular around the world and bring great benefits to professional testing", said Werner Henschelchen, Managing Director of GASQ.

The TMMi® Test Maturity Model Integration Professional is a test scheme for the qualification of testers and test managers, for process control and consulting. The certificates ensure that testers use defined test series and control systems, making IT environments more stable. Professional testing, which accompanies the development of applications according to international standards, the reliability and the security of software enormously.

"Today, software is developed in international teams. Testers who can verify their expertise have the greatest chances in the global market. Our cooperation with GASQ increases the presence of certification in rapidly developing countries. At the same time, we also support the TMMi® Foundation, which, with its test scheme, ensures the quality and performance of new software", says Stephan Goericke, Managing Director of iSQI GmbH.

About GASQ

The Global Association for Software Quality, abbreviated GASQ, is an independent, international association for the common good that pursues the objective of promoting the quality of software used in research, teaching professions and by the industry. The founding members of GASQ hail from Europe, America and Asia. As a leading organization in the software quality sector, GASQ maintains an international network and supports certification programs, e.g. for software testers, requirements engineering experts and usability professionals.

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About iSQI

The International Software Quality Institute (iSQI GmbH), headquartered in Potsdam (DE) with branch offices in Amstelveen (NL), London (UK) and Boston (USA) is a leading provider of certification examinations all over the world. For more than 10 years, iSQI plays a large role in certifying the know-how of IT professionals in over 100 countries on 6 continents in 10 languages. With over 30,000 certifications per year, iSQI paves the way for successful career development.

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