BQI and GASQ search for European IT Workplace 2012

BQI's 2012 European IT Workplace of the Year captures the essence of just what it takes to be an outstanding IT organization. “Our assessment takes in various criteria, all of which are vital to the creation of an environment that allows IT professionals to flourish,” says Helmut Blank, CEO of BQI.

BQI is looking at a great range of different companies and organizations in drawing up its initial list for the 2012 European IT Workplace of the Year. These range from small to large-size companies, and enterprises involved in management consulting, manufacturing, service and systems integration activities are in there too. When all is said and done, BQI will have assessed more than 1100 companies and organizations throughout Europe. The primary point of contact within these organizations is the CIO, President or Department Manager.
IT workers will be asked 65 questions covering a diverse range of employee-related topics, such as salary levels, salary increases, employee development, promotion, employee turnover rates, training budgets, total training days, use of technology, diversity in the workplace and the employment benefits offered to IT employees. Most of the responses will be in the form of a range rather than a specific number.
Additionally all participating organizations have the opportunity to answer questions about the organization as a whole. These questions deal with organizational philosophy, vision, mission statement and the like.
Respondents will score each of these aspects and these scores will be totaled up. We will then apply our weighted average formula to calculate the organizations’ final scores. The final top 100 European Workplaces of the Year for 2012 will be determined on the basis of these results.

Qualified employees are the basis for business success. The experts are unanimous: One of the biggest challenges of the future is having the best employees with the right skills for the organization’s needs. Particularly small and medium sized organizations must often use creative methods to find qualified specialists. Their efforts are particularly intense as they are often very successful in niches and are not well known publicly. Therefore they are not as attractive as big names or brands.
Together with its premium partner, Global Association for Software Quality GASQ and International Data Group IDG, BQI has developed a questionnaire for the 2012 European IT workplace of the Year. The close of registration is the end of October 2011. From June through October 2011 BQI will carry out the survey via a web-based system.