ASTQB agrees on cooperation with IQBBA and REQB

The American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB) has agreed on cooperation with the International Qualifications Board for Business Analysis (IQBBA) and the Requirements Engineering Qualifications Board (REQB). The ASTQB will be the national IQBBA and REQB board in the U.S. from now on. Also ASTQB will be the single point of contact for IQBBA and REQB exams and accreditations in America.

Judy McKay, president of the ASTQB: “Business Analysis and Requirements Engineering are becoming more and more important in US. We are seeing a significant overlap in the duties of business analysts and software testers.  Improving the foundational business analysis knowledge for both groups is important for the production and maintenance of quality software.  IQBBA and REQB target the needs of these groups and allow the ASTQB to  address this growing market demand.”

Folke Nilsson, chair of REQB: “ASTQB is a leading organization in US providing high quality exams and accreditation. We are very happy that ASTQB is now also the national board for REQB in America working to make the Requirements Engineering profession more popular in US."

About ASTQB (
ASTQB is the country board for ISTQB Software Tester Certification in the U.S. These board members are a group of highly experienced experts in software testing who volunteer their time for the development, maintenance, and promotion of the certification in this country. ISTQB is the International Software Testing Qualifications Board that is composed of representatives from each national board, such as the ASTQB. The ISTQB decides on the global standards for certification of software testers and managers. The result is that you are able to earn a truly global software tester certification, but do so via a country board that understands the language and logistics needs of your country. More information is found below.

ASTQB was founded in 2003 as the American Testing Board. In April 2005, the name was changed to the American Software Testing Qualifications Board. Through the involvement of the world’s foremost experts in software testing, the program was developed for software professionals who want to prepare today’s professionals by anticipating tomorrow’s software testing demands.

The ASTQB is a non-profit organization. Exam and accreditation fees are charged to cover the costs connected with the administration of exams, applications for accreditation, the maintenance of a physical office, exhibits at leading software testing conventions, and the employment of administrative staff.

About IQBBA (
The International Qualifications Board for Business Analysis (IQBBA) is a leading board in the growing field of Business Analysis. Its members are international experts in Business Analysis (BA), who are working on a global BA program which is ISO17024 compliant. As a result, the board intends to create a better understanding of the need for Business Analysis and the creation of BA as a profession.

About REQB (
The Requirements Engineering Qualifications Board (REQB) was established in 2006. Its members are international experts for Requirements Engineering (RE), who are working on a global RE program which is ISO17024 compliant. As a result, the board intends to create an international standard that will be recognized as the common language in the discipline of Requirements Engineering. As of December 2012, professionals from more than 35 countries have been certified according to this standard.