Are you ready for Artificial Intelligence? Launch of A4Q Artificial Intelligence and Software Testing!

The new Alliance 4 Qualification certification Artificial Intelligence and Software Testing aims to cover the basics of AI and explain its functions in software testing. The uniqueness of this certification is that it provides a multidimensional perspective on AI and Software Testing: it does not only consider AI elements that support software testing, but also analyzes strategies and challenges of testing an AI system itself!

There are many similarities between Artificial Intelligence and human intelligence for one simple reason: Artificial Intelligence aims to mimic human intelligence.  The term Artificial Intelligence dates back to the 1950s and refers to the objective of building and programming “intelligent” machines capable of imitating human beings.

As AI systems become more human, they become less predictable, and there are unique problems and quality characteristics, which need to be considered when testing such systems.

The A4Q AI and Software Testing Foundation certification attests to an individual’s knowledge and understanding of the use of Artificial Intelligence in relation to Testing of AI-based applications and AI for Software Testing


  • Key Aspects of Artificial Intelligence
  • Testing Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • Using AI to Support Testing

Target Group:

  • Software Testers & Engineers
  • Usability Designers
  • Designers
  • Anyone involved or interested in understanding AI in software testing
  • Managers seeking to understand how AI can add value in their organization
  • Business Analysts working seeking to understand the value of AI to the business

Get a glimpse of the future of software testing with A4Q!

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The exam dates will be released shortly.