French Testing Day 2016

The French Testing Day 2016 will take place on 12th of April 2016 in Paris. The annual french-speaking conference is the leading event on Software Testing in France. In different tracks software testers have the possibility to listen to newest information out of the testing area and can also network with the Frennch Testing community.

SJSI now offering REQB

The Polish software quality organization SJSI is now offering the internationally recognized REQB certification scheme. SJSI also serves as Polish Testing Board of ISTQB. This shows one time more the close connection between these two leading schemes in the field of IT Quality.

RE Agile syllabus released

The Requirements Engineering Qualifications Board (REQB) has released its new Agile Practitioner Extension. This syllabus is a reaction of the international expert group to the increasing demand for certifications in the „agile“ area.

ITCQF® Foundation Level Syllabus released

The International Technical Communication Qualifications Foundation, the leading organization in techcomm certification, has released its ITCQF® CTCP Foundation Level Syllabus. The syllabus can be seen as a standard in the field of Technical Communication, and has been developed by a board of internationally recognized experts.

Indian Testing Board new REQB Member Board

The Indian Testing Board (ITB) is now Member Board for India inside the REQB scheme, the Requirements Engineering Qualifications Board. ITB is now acting as the local exam board offering paper based and online examinations in India. The board is also the single point of contact for REQB accreditations in India.

IQBBA Syllabus now available in French

The International Qualifications Board for Business Analysts (IQBBA) has published its CFLBA syllabus now also in French language. You can download the syllabus here.