A4Q Security Essentials – Scheme launched

As their third certification program, A4Q just released the syllabus for the Security Essentials scheme.
The goal of this syllabus is to provide a comprehensive introduction to IT security for any team member involved in the development of an IT system, software application or embedded system.
Participants will learn to understand the most common security related terms, concepts and processes.

GASQ is a new exam provider for the CPSA scheme of the International Software Architecture Qualification Board

The iSAQB® has recognized GASQ as a new exam provider for the Certified Professional for Software Architecture (CPSA). The collaboration covers CPSA Foundation Level and CPSA Advanced Level.

IQBBA Advanced Level Syllabus released

International Qualification Board for Business Analysis (IQBBA) has released the Advanced Level Syllabus. The syllabus outlines the topics, frameworks and areas of knowledge that constitute the IQBBA Advanced Level exam.

ISTQB® releases new Certified Tester Acceptance Testing 2019 Syllabus

The ISTQB® General Assembly has approved the new Acceptance Testing – specialist module syllabus for general release.
This Acceptance Testing syllabus is joint effort between ISTQB® and IQBBA® - International Qualification Board for Business Analysis.

New Usability and User Experience Textbook

Technikum Wien presents the new textbook "Usability und User Experience: Prüfungsvorbereitung zum Certified Professional for Usability Engineering and User Experience Design".

A4Q Selenium Tester: the market leader in its field

“Selenium automates browsers. That's it!”. This counts as the slogan of Selenium WebDriver, the most commonly used testing tool in test automation of web applications...