IHE is an initiative of healthcare professionals and industry that aims to improve the way of computer systems in healthcare share information. Its mission is to enhance healthcare by providing specifications, tools and services to engage clinicians, health authorities, industry, and users to develop, test, and implement standards-based solutions to vital health information needs. Systems developed with IHE communicate with one another better, are easier to implement, and allow care providers to use information more effectively.

The goal of the IHE community is to improve the ability of computer systems in healthcare sharing information. In practice, a lot of specific knowledge and skills are required when using the IHE methods to solve real world IT integration problems. The IHE Certified Professional Program Scheme enables you to prove and certify your skills.

The first module, the IHE Certified Professional – IHE Foundations is now available.

Get involved and become an IHE Certified Professional!

IHE Certified Professional – IHE Foundations Exam

Target Group:
The IHE Certified Professional – IHE Foundations Exam, as the first examination of the IHE Certified Professional Program Scheme, is tailored to the needs of persons with a background in health IT working with products based on IHE profiles. Being also interesting for someone who works for or manages a healthcare provider organization, employed by a software development company or interested in the precise Technology developed by IHE, the certification reaches a broad target group.

After passing the exam, all participants will be able to apply the IHE methodology (ISO/TR 28380) for developing interoperability specifications for an existing healthcare environment.
In the course, the skills to identify and use the appropriate existing IHE profiles when faced with a healthcare interoperability project will be learned.

Learning Objectives:

  • Orientation on the IHE organization
  • IHE Methodology
  • Location & navigation through IHE resources
  • IHE Example profiles, base standards, general healthcare IT knowledge
  • Accelerate Health Information Exchange deployment

Please find a short overview here.

Please click here to download the certification´s syllabus.

Exams can either be taken upon attending a training course or independently of training courses. The format of the exam questions is multiple-choice.
The exam consists of 40 questions and is passed when a score of 65% is reached.

The certificate will be valid for a period of 5 years. After that certificate-holders can extend the period by re-certifying.

How the certification can be obtained

Open Exam Sessions

Even though GASQ recommends to attend an accredited Training Course prior the Examination, it is no prerequisite to obtain the certification.

So if you feel confident with self-study, you can register yourself or your employees to one of our open exam sessions.

You can find all our upcoming open exam sessions here.

Inhouse Exam Session

If you are interested in arranging an inhouse exam session for a group of minimum 5 participants who do not require an accredited training, we will be pleased to organize an exam at your location within Germany. To make arrangements, please complete our exam form and submit it to info@gasq.org.

We will contact you to negotiate the details as soon as possible.

Remote Proctored Exam

GASQ is offering a remote proctored exam solution with our Service Partner ProctorU.
Remote proctored exams can be taken 24/7 anywhere in an empty room equipped with your computer and a webcam.

To shedule an exam session with our remote proctoring tool, please find further information here.

Accredited Training Providers


How do I obtain this certification?
To be certified you must pass the IHE International Certified Professional Program (ICP) Foundation Level Exam.

What are the entry requirements?
There are no specific entry requirements to be eligible for this certification.

If I do not pass, is it possible to take the exam again?
Yes, you can re-take the exam; however, you will be charged the exam fee again.

When will my certificate expire?
The certificate will be valid for a period of 5 years. After that certificate-holders can extend the period by re-certifying.

Will I incur any other fees besides the exam fee?