The DDP Concept

Starting point
The starting point of the DDP is the DDP Foundation Level. This is an introduction to, and a map of, the profession of Digital Design. Digital Designers understand digitalization as material that can be shaped, in the same way a craftsman shapes his material (wood, metal, or the like).

Digital Designers think through the possibilities and potential of technology in combination with the economic conditions in which it arises. They take into consideration both current and future needs of people and aim to create innovative and sustainable digital solutions.

Origin and objective
The DDP has been developed by the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) - a non-profit organization - in close cooperation with recognized experts from IT, product design and industrial design. It is based on the Digital Design Manifesto by Bitkom.

It aims at closing today’s gap between the increasingly demanding challenges of digitalization and the necessary technical expertise in design.

Please find the Syllabus and further material to the exam here.




Benefits of the Certification

For Individuals

A DDP is empowered to ...

  • make full use of state-of-the-art technological capabilities
  • take all dimensions into account relevant for a successful digital solution
  • evaluate the mutual influences and dependencies of the relevant dimensions
  • develop digital solutions from a holistic point of view

For Companies

With DDPs in their teams ...

  • companies make a clear statement about the high value that they put on digitalization
  • departments will be enabled to work together on a higher qualitative level
  • companies increase the probability that truly innovative digital solutions will be developed
  • companies highlight their expertise for innovative digital solutions

DDP Exam

The exam consist of approx. 45 multiple choice questions.
Depending on the difficulty, each question yields 1 to 3 points. The achievable points are given in the header of the question.

75 Minutes
(15 Minutes extra time is available for non native speaker. The application for time bonus must be done with the booking.)

Pass Mark:
70% of the total points must be reached.

During the examination no aids (training documents, books, telephone, etc.) except for language dictionaries are permitted. Sheets of paper used for scribbling may not be taken out of the room. You are not allowed to leave the room during the exam.

For more details, read the examination regulations here.