About the A4Q Certified Selenium 4 Tester Foundation

Master the latest in web automation with the A4Q Certified Selenium 4 Tester Foundation. This internationally recognized certification empowers you to harness the power of Selenium 4, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to design, implement, and maintain effective automated test solutions for web applications.

Go beyond theory and dive deep into practical application. This comprehensive program covers not only core Selenium WebDriver functionalities like element identification and test execution, but also delves into advanced topics like web technologies, headless testing, performance optimization, and automation best practices. By the end, you'll be confident running WebDriver tests independently and delivering maximum ROI for automation projects.

Whether you're a test professional seeking career advancement, a developer embracing automation, or simply wanting to unlock the power of automated web testing, the A4Q Certified Selenium 4 Tester Foundation is your key to mastering the future of software development.

Target audience

This certification empowers diverse professionals seeking to navigate the world of web automation with Selenium 4. It caters to:

  • New Testers: Individuals with no automation experience, whether transitioning from manual testing or exploring a new career path.
  • Switching Gear: Professionals with existing GUI test automation experience in other tools, ready to leverage the power of Selenium 4.
  • Broadening Skillsets: Testers with non-GUI automation expertise (mobile, API) looking to expand their reach to web with Selenium.
  • Basic programming knowledge, ideally with an intro to Python, paves the smooth path to mastering Selenium WebDriver techniques.

No prior Selenium experience is required, making this an ideal stepping stone for individuals and organizations seeking to advance their web automation expertise.

Why become an A4Q Certified Selenium 4 Tester?

The A4Q Certified Selenium 4 Tester Foundation Certification is an independent, internationally recognised certification as proof of expertise in the field of test automation with Selenium 4 WebDriver.

  • Gain industry-leading expertise: Master Selenium 4's cutting-edge features and capabilities, solidifying your position as a sought-after automation specialist.
  • Validate your skills: Earn a globally recognized credential that showcases your proficiency in Selenium 4 and opens doors to new career opportunities.
  • Design robust automation solutions: Learn best practices for creating maintainable, effective automated tests for web applications.
  • Boost efficiency and productivity: Leverage automation to save time, improve test coverage, and optimize development processes.
  • Maximize ROI: Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to deliver immediate value and maximize the return on investment for automation projects.


The examination for the A4Q Certified Selenium 4 Tester Foundation is based on the respective Syllabus. The full examination areas are well defined in the Learning Objectives (Objectives) of the Syllabus. Consequently, the Learning Objectives provide the framework for the exams. The testing format is multiple choice.

Candidates eligible to participate in an A4Q Certified Selenium 4 Tester Foundation exam either have attended an accredited course or they are participants of an open exam (no prior course attendance required).

A4Q Certified Selenium 4 Tester - Foundation Level exam: 60 minutes plus 25% for non-native speakers
A 65% score is required to pass the exam

If you should be interested in arranging for an open exam for a group of more than 5 individuals who do not require accredited training, we will be pleased to conduct such an exam nationwide in Germany on your premises. To make such arrangements, please contact info@gasq.org. We will contact you to arrange the details as soon as possible.

The Syllabus can be downloaded here.



I have lost my certificate. Is it possible to apply for a new one?

It is possible to apply for a replacement certificate; a processing fee of € 35 will be charged.

Is it possible to review the exam?

For a fee of € 80, a target-actual comparison can be performed at our business premises in Oberhaching, Germany or at any of our open onsite exam sessions. Conducting a target-actual comparison means that you will be presented the exam questions along with the solutions. You will have a time limit of 25% of the standard exam time to conduct this review. Subsequently, you will be denied access to the questions that are currently being used in the exam.

If I do not pass, is it possible to take the exam again?

Yes, you can re-take the exam; however, you will be charged another exam fee.

Do I have to meet any requirements to participate in the Foundation Level?

Attendees should have general knowledge of basic programming and some knowledge of Python


Will I incur any other fees besides the exam fee?


Will I have to attend a course before I sign up for the exam?

No, attending a course is a choice you make at your discretion. You can also take the test right away. However, we recommend you attend a course offered by an accredited company.

Will you notify my supervisor/employer as to whether I have passed or failed the exam?