A4Q AI and Software Testing

About AI and Software Testing

There are many similarities between Artificial Intelligence and human intelligence for one simple reason: Artificial Intelligence aims to mimic human intelligence.  The term Artificial Intelligence dates back to the 1950s and refers to the objective of building and programming “intelligent” machines capable of imitating human beings.

As AI systems become more human, they become less predictable, and there are unique problems and quality characteristics, which need to be considered when testing such systems.

The first of three main chapters of the A4Q AI and Software Testing Syllabus teaches all Key Aspects of Artificial Intelligence, including the history of AI, Symbolic AI (humad-readable AI) as well as where the limits of AI can be found.
After everyone is speaking the AI-Language the path continues to Testing AI Systems. In this part all participants learn different strategies and metrics for Testing AI Systems as well as the general problems which come along with the testing.
Using AI to Support Testing and how to apply AI to testing tasks and QM completes the Syllabus of the A4Q AI and Software Testing Scheme.

The A4Q AI and Software Testing Foundation certification attests to an individual’s knowledge and understanding of the use of Artificial Intelligence in relation to Testing of AI-based applications and AI for Software Testing.

The A4Q AI and Software Testing Syllabus can be downloaded here.


  • Key Aspects of Artificial Intelligence
  • Testing Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • Using AI to Support Testing

Target Group:

  • Software Testers & Engineers
  • Usability Designers
  • Designers
  • Anyone involved or interested in understanding AI in software testing
  • Managers seeking to understand how AI can add value in their organization
  • Business Analysts working seeking to understand the value of AI to the business


The exam shall be comprised of 40 multiple-choice questions. Each correct answer has a value of one point. A score of at least 65% (that is, 26 or more questions answered correctly) is required to pass the exam. The time allowed to take the exam is 60 minutes. If the candidate’s native language is not the examination language, the candidate may be allowed an extra 25% (15 minutes) time.

GASQ recommends participants attend a training program with an accredited provider prior to taking the exam.
If you should be interested in arranging for an open exam for a group of more than 5 individuals who do not require accredited training, we will be pleased to conduct such an exam nationwide in Germany on your premises. To make such arrangements, please complete our exam form and submit it to info@gasq.org. We will contact you to arrange the details as soon as possible.

You can test your knowledge by taking the AI & Software Testing free sample exam here.


I have lost my certificate. Is it possible to apply for a new one?
It is possible to apply for a replacement certificate; a processing fee of € 35 will be charged.

Is it possible to review the exam?
For a fee of € 80, a target-actual comparison can be performed at our business premises in Nuremberg, Germany. Conducting a target-actual comparison means that you will be presented the exam questions along with the solutions. You will have a time limit of 15 minutes to conduct this review. Subsequently, you will be denied access to the questions that are currently being used in the exam.

If I do not pass, is it possible to take the exam again?
Yes, you can re-take the exam; however, you will be charged another exam fee.

Do I have to meet any requirements to participate in the Exam?
No, there are no prerequisites for taking the A4Q AI and Software Testing Exam.

Will my certificate expire?
No, the certificate is lifelong valid.

Will I incur any other fees besides the exam fee?

Will I have to attend a course before I sign up for the exam?
No, attending a course is a choice you make at your discretion. You can also take the test right away.
However, we recommend you attend a course offered by an accredited company.

Will you notify my supervisor/employer as to whether I have passed or failed the exam?