What do you need?

  • Desktop or laptop with a webcam and a microphone

To take the exam, you will need a laptop or desktop computer. Your laptop or desktop must be equipped with a webcam, a microphone, and a speaker. System requirements: Windows and MacOS are supported as long as you can install the browser versions on them mentioned below.

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Opera browser needs to be installed.

You need to have Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Opera browser installed to be able to take the exam. Please also make sure you are using the following versions of these browsers to ensure a smooth exam process:

    • Chrome 72.x or later
    • Edge 79.x or later
    • Opera 60.x or later
    • Safari 16.4.x or later

Other browsers are currently not supported by ExamUnit Proctoring system.

  • Photo ID

Before starting the exam, you need to identify yourself with your student card, passport, ID card, or a driver’s license that has your name and photo on it. You can cover private information such as student number.

  • Tablet or smartphone with a camera.

You might be required to use the camera of your smartphone or tablet as an additional camera. Please inquire with your training or exam provider whether the mobile camera is used in your exam. Your smartphone or tablet needs to be able to scan QR codes. As the mobile camera stream will be transmitted through a mobile browser, please make sure that you are using the following versions of the mobile browsers:

    • Safari 11.x or later
    • Chrome 55.x or later

  • Stable internet connection

To run the exam without any problems, you must have a steady internet connection (Wi-Fi will be required for mobile streaming) with a minimum upload speed of 1,5 Mbps. Please be aware that you cannot use mobile data!

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