IQBOHS - International Qualifications Board for Occupational Health and Safety


IQBOHS (International Qualifications Board for Occupational Health and Safety) is an international association focused on promoting occupational safety and health worldwide. This topic is particularly important in the context of ISO 45001:2018 introduction. The new standard introduces various changes in occupational health and safety management in comparison to the previous procedure according to BS OHSAS 18001: 2007. It is essential to take these changes into account during the implementation of the new standard in order to ensure its effectiveness.

IQBOHS experts develop curricula and certification schemes for staff training and certification in management systems, especially occupational safety management systems.


The IQBOHS certification scheme is based on the curricula and the IQBOHS glossary that can be freely accessed online. Internationally accredited and approved IQBOHS study materials are regularly updated by IQBOHS experts and are available in German and English.


IQBOHS Certified OH&S Management Representative exam is clearly arranged and is carried out by independent certification bodies. Both the syllabus and the glossary are available online, which ensures the transparency and clarity of the learning objectives.

The exam contains 40 questions and lasts 60 minutes.


More information can be found here.

The current syllabi of the IQBOHS schema with its glossary can be found here.

Certified OH&S Management Representative Exam may also be taken without attending classroom or online training and can be booked with the independent Certification Body GASQ here.

Why IQBOHS Certification?

The IQBOHS certification, developed by an international panel of experts, reflects the global understanding of management systems and, in particular, the OSH management system. After passing the exam, you will receive an internationally recognized IQBOHS certificate that will provide your current or potential employer with evidence of your knowledge and qualification in this area.