Special Interest Groups

Within the GASQ association, there are several different Special Interest Groups (SIGs), who cover certain aspects of software quality. In their respective fields, these groups are trendsetters. They are composed of members representing different companies, so that they cover a variety of industries. Consequently, the SIG members are in a position to identify innovations in their respective disciplines early-on. Thanks to these synergy effects, they have a competitive edge because they can integrate potential innovation into their own businesses sooner than others. Thanks to the national and international exchange that occurs within the Special Interest Groups, they also have the opportunity to position and compare their own enterprises more effectively.

Our SIGs also collaborate closely with groups who are in charge of the compilation and expansion of certifications and can therefore pass on their findings directly.

The following Special Interest Groups are currently active:

  • SIG Usability Engineering (active from 2005)
  • SIG Software Testing (active from 2005)
  • SIG Business Analysis (active from 2010)
  • SIG Requirements Engineering (active from 2005)