Become an Exam Center

Become a GASQ Accredited Exam Center (GASQ AEC) and offer online exams in your location.

What is a GASQ AEC?

  • GASQ accredits exam centers for its online exam solution
  • An AEC is an Accredited Exam Center
  • GASQ AECs are allowed to offer the wide range of GASQ online exams in their exam centers
  • The idea is to create a win-win situation for both, the AEC and GASQ
  • There are already more than 150 GASQ AECs worldwide


Why become a GASQ AEC?

  • GASQ Exam Centers offer a wide range of globally leading certifications in the field of Software Quality
  • ISTQB (#no 1 certification in Software Testing)
  • IREB (#no 1 certification in Requirements Engineering)
  • IQBBA (Business Analysis)
  • IBUQ (UX and Usability Engineering)
  • IBITGQ (IT Governance)
  • TickITplus (combining ISO 9001, ISO20000 and ISO 27000)
  • Besides other organizations offering the possibility to become a test center GASQ has the idea to create a mutual benefit for both parties
  • It is a good possibility to earn some extra money
  • You are able to resell GASQ exams and define your own price structures
  • How does this work:
  • You define an exam date
  • The exam date can be published on the GASQ website
  • People register with you directly
  • You buy in the exams to a defined price
  • GASQ offers you the whole online exam system

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