Appeal Process

Where a Candidate wishes to appeal or complain about any aspect of the examination itself he/she has to submit the appeal in writing to within 20 working days of the examination result date.
GASQ will acknowledge receipt of the appeal within 2 working days.
When submitting an appeal please provide us with:
• Name
• examination date
• examination title
• details of the appeal
Appeal Fee: 80€
Once the appeal fee has been received, details will be directed to the relevant team for a check to take place.
The outcomes of any appeal against a decision may be either to uphold the appeal or to reject it. This process can take up to 30 working days.
If GASQ does not believe there is a valid case for the appeal the Candidate will be given the reasons for the decision via email.
If the Candidate does not agree with the decision, then he/she has the right to a final independent review. This review will be carried out through an independent person who is not a GASQ employee. This process can as well take up to 20 working days.  
The decision is final in relation to how GASQ will consider such appeals and we will let the Candidate know the outcome of the review within 30 working days of receipt of the independent review request.